Xperentia's forte is designing and rolling out OD interventions that integrate people development initiatives with organizational imperatives. The focus is primarily on cultural alignment across the organization to provide for individual growth and enhanced productivity.

Our initiatives invlove extensive diagnostics to understand the organization's culture, its people and business challenges. The Interventions are designed with a sharp focus on business objectives and delivered with follow-ups and tracking mechanisms to ensure adherence.

Our team consists of experienced People Development Professionals, OD specialists, Coaches and Practitioners from the field of EL Simulation Design and Action learning.
All our interventions are custom designed to address every level in the organization.

We have worked extensively in the following areas:

  • Vision, Mission and Values: Co-creation, Articulation and Rollout
  • Building a Performance Driven Culture
  • Leadership Development & Alignment: Leadership Competencies
  • Competency based MDPs
  • Cross-functional Synergy and Productivity
  • Driving Innovation
  • Managing VUCA
  • Experiential Assessment Centers
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