What’s involved?
“Alfa team to Mission Control, come in Mission Control. Over. This is Mission Control, go ahead Alfa. Over. We have cleared sector 2. Request permission to proceed to sector 3. Over. Proceed to sector 4 Alfa, Tango is covering sector 3. Repeat, proceed to sector 4. Over Received Loud & Clear Mission Control. Proceeding now to sector 4. Alfa over & out. Good luck Alfa team. Mission Control, over & out.

This may sound like a war zone, but this is a simulated experiential exercise for corporate executives who are learning how to work as a cohesive team, in extreme conditions, not unlike the modern day workplace. Teams are scanning a 2.5 sq.km area. Their mission – to search & rescue injured passengers of a commercial airplane, which has crashed in this area. Each team has a “Mission Control” which communicates with them via handheld wireless radios, (walkie-talkies).

The mission is complete when the teams locate the black box and ascertain the reason for the crash. This is a very fast moving highly, intensive simulation, which involves every participant and has a very high level of excitement.

Great for:

  • Effective Communication /li>
  • Managing disruption
  • Cross-functional cohesion
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Interdependence
  • Situational Leadership
  • Interdependence
  • Fun!


Any venue with access the globe with large open spaces – lawns, open areas/pathways/parking lots, forested area etc.

About 2 hours.

Group Size:
20 – 200+


We have been engaging Xperentia for the last few years for various training programs and they have trained over a 100 middle to senior level managers in three day experiential learning programs. This has been one of the most popular amongst the various training programs organized by us for our employees. The senior trainers interacted with us to understand the nature of our employees and the jobs handled by them. The content of the program was then tailor made to suit the needs of these employees and the type of business handled by us. Our employees have found the training programs very useful, not only in their work, but also for their personality development. They also have well organized teams and equipment required to conduct with finesse outdoor based activities and this has also gone a long way in making the programs memorable for our employees. We would be engaging them in future when required.

Ninan Vargis- Sr. Head Buss. Excellence & New Buss – FSS Financial Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.