Experience the turbulence of life in this 3 days rafting expedition!

Teams carry supplies, cook their food, pitch their tents (all this on almost virgin river beaches) and negotiate calm and turbulent waters as a team.

The conference will not have a set site or venue. Rather the entire team will move on Zodiac rafts down the Ganges / Beas / Dandali / Zanskar River and stop at different beaches along the way. These scheduled stops will be utilized for conference agenda.

It can also be used as an excellent pre-cursor to strategic meets.

Great for:

  • Team Alignment
  • Managing Change
  • Tackling Challenges
  • Interdependence & building trust
  • Breaking espoused limits
  • Optimizing resources- people and equipment
  • Motivation and resourcefulness
  • Fun!


Any city hotel across India.

About 5 – 8 hours

Group Size:
20 to 50

Space Required:

Lawn space for the outdoor simulations and conference room for the de-briefs and team report out.


I would be only too happy to say that the Xperentia team exceeded our expectations in delivering very high quality results in the Top Leaders Team building initiative for us at RBS. The expedition that started with a train journey from Delhi to Rishikesh for the entire group, itself proved that we were in the right hands! Our actual 3 days team building commenced in Devprayag and the way Xperentia managed the safety, security and activity type and schedule was commendable. The tasks among the participants was such distributed so as to maximise the dependency and trust on each other for their very basic needs of food and shelter....that I thought was a master stroke!! The resultant was powerful as the group internalised and realised the strength and worth of every other member in tiding through the travails of the 3 day journey down the rapids in meagre rafts and camping and cooking to sustain themselves. The other thing that you achieved with the group was to bring down the masks and barriers which they conveniently
don otherwise...
All I can say is that at the end on this workshop, you managed to not only exceed the objective of bring this warring and hostile group together but also ascertain that the cohesive team you built sustained thus for many years and over the organisation & challenging times .
My salute to Team Xperentia!!!

Kumkum Nongrum – Head Leadership Development, Royal Bank of Scotland.