Designed to address the critical success factors required today to negotiate the VUCA environment – These workshops cut across lines of businesses and levels in providing mission-critical inputs.

Unconventional but highly effective, this suite of workshops are sharply focussed and tailored to specific OD challenges of the organization.

Typical activities will include:

  • Large and small group exercise
  • Role – play situations
  • Participants working in groups of 2 or 3
  • Individual learning activities
  • Trainer – facilitated activity

These experiential workshops can be rolled out as a part of the L&D initiative over a period of 6-8 months, ideally covering all associates across the organization, or as stand-alone focused workshops covering specific areas of employee development.

Wavelength is a ‘Hands-on’ pragmatic experiential workshop addressing all aspects of business communications incorporating verbal, non – verbal and body dynamics.

Supported by experiential elements, this workshop is designed to make participants proficient in the theory and practice of effective communication.

Synergy is designed for people who as part of their jobs, need to work effectively with people from diverse functional and/or cultural backgrounds, disciplines and mental models.

Ideally aimed at organizations constantly involved in new product/service development, process improvement/process re-engineering, this workshop uses the “reflecting”, “connecting” “deciding”, and “doing” rhythm to bring about coordinated action in teams.

The positive fallout is that participants come away with a “can do” approach in tackling challenges and enhanced team cohesion.

Designed as an ‘eco-challenge’, Attune© is a dynamic experiential program that challenges the ‘espoused’ limits of participants.

These challenges are a series of experiential outdoor simulations, which can be executed by a team punching above their weights while adapting and innovating on the go.

Spread over 48 hours, the workshop has moderate to difficult challenges. This includes a camp-out in the wilderness, abseiling and navigating calm and turbulent waters in kayaks/ canoes which follows a ‘first in, first out’ rally format.

Working against both the clock and each other, teams must perform. Period!

Designed as a rural connect program for stake-holders, Reaching-out© has also been received well by organisations as a CSR initiative.

The focus is on high quality, first hand interaction with the village panchayat and local administrators who lead rural development and social reform initiatives.

For Business leaders this experiential learning initiative is designed to establish a ‘Rural Connect’ through a real life experience, thereby helping them ‘operationalise’ their rural market strategies and test them in the field.

eXtending Boundaries© is intended to provide managers with pragmatic and “hands-on” managerial inputs needed to succeed in challenging and dynamic operating environments.

The design is intended to develop participants in skill areas that cut across disciplines and lines of business and will focus on Individual and team skills like – Facilitative Leadership, Critical thinking, Coaching and Counseling, Managing VUCA.

This highly interactive workshop is aimed at helping participants understand and embrace the ‘Not Negotiable’ company values and imbibe them as an opportunity for personal as well as organizational growth.

This workshop can also be designed to help start-ups co-create their company’s Vision, Mission and Values.
The workshop will focus on bridging the gap between the leaders/ promoters and the senior management teams by helping them experience these values from each other’s perspective, and bring them on “The Same Page”.

Finding Leo

Finding Leo© is all about discovering the ‘Da Vinci’ in you!

This workshop in creativity and innovation will address ‘Creativity’ as a process, as against it being an inherent trait which is ‘gifted’ to a few at birth.

The workshop helps participants understand their own barriers to creativity and equip them with the process tools and techniques in ideating, creative problem solving and lateral thinking.

The workshop will also include a module on effective listening and empathy as one of the critical elements for creativity and innovation.

Evolve© is designed for management trainees and fresh recruits.This workshop addresses the challenges new recruits will face in today’s environment and equip them in making a smooth transition from a campus mindset to the dynamic corporate world.

It also aims to help recruits in imbibing company values and culture in their day to day work-life.

This residential workshop is mostly conducted in the outdoors using a variety of media like Adventure, Business Simulations, Experiential Theatre and copyright simulations.

Ignite© is designed for the frontline. Extremely high on energy and intensity, this workshop uses experiential simulations which replicate real world scenarios that contemporary frontline teams face in today’s dynamic VUCA world. Ignite has been used successfully by organisations in target setting and review sessions.

Resiliency© is an experiential workshop designed for associates working in extremely dynamic environments, where conventional solutions to new challenges have limited impact.

The workshop creates experiential scenarios where managers enhance their ability to manage in highly ambiguous, uncertain and fluid situations with dexterity in a ‘hands-on’ and pragmatic manner.

Womenable© is designed for women managers, who are a critical part of the organization’s leadership pipeline.

The workshop will address challenges in the work-life balance of these career women.

This workshop is a blended learning experience which utilizes a wide variety of media like experiential theatre and business simulations.