Xperentia’s forte is designing and rolling out OD interventions that integrate people development initiatives with organizational imperatives.

The focus is primarily on cultural alignment across the organization to provide for individual growth and enhanced productivity.

Diagnostics, Design, Delivery

Our initiatives involve extensive diagnostics to understand the organization’s culture, its people and business challenges. The Interventions are designed with a sharp focus on business objectives and delivered with follow-ups and tracking mechanisms.

Our team consists of experienced People Development Professionals, OD specialists, Coaches, and Practitioners from the field of EL Simulation Design and Action learning.

All our interventions are custom designed to address every level in the organization.


  • Vision, Mission and Values: Co-creation, Articulation and Rollout
  • Building a Performance Driven Culture
  • Leadership Development & Alignment: Leadership Competencies
  • Competency based MDPs
  • Cross-functional Synergy and Productivity
  • Driving Innovation
  • Managing VUCA
  • Experiential Assessment Centers
Case Study

Multinational ITES

Primary Brief:

  • Mandate from principals: Build “Team India”.
  • Integrate Leadership spread in four circles of influence across India.


  • 3 days experiential Intervention in an ‘Expedition’ format, designed to involve all constituencies.


  • Task teams formed post process & dialogue.
  • Teams formulated the roadmap for integration & alignment.
  • The entire “ Founders Team” meets quarterly in an ‘open forum’


I would be only too happy to say that the Xperentia team exceeded our expectations in delivering very high-quality results in the Top Leaders’ Team building initiative for us at RBS …..
The expedition that started with a train journey from Delhi to Rishikesh for the entire group, itself proved that we were in the right hands!
Our actual 3 days’ team building commenced in Devprayag and the way Xperentia managed the safety, security and activity type and schedule were commendable. The tasks among the participants were such distributed so as to maximize the dependency and trust on each other for their very basic needs of food and shelter….that I thought was a master stroke!!
The resultant was powerful as the group internalized and realized the strength and worth of every other member in tiding through the travails of the 3-day journey down the rapids in meager rafts and camping and cooking to sustain themselves…The other thing that you achieved with the group was to bring down the masks and barriers which they conveniently don otherwise …..
All I can say is that at the end on this workshop, you managed to not only exceed the objective of bringing this warring and hostile group together but also ascertain that the cohesive team you built sustained thus for many years and over the organization’s challenging times.

Kumkum Nongrum – Head Leadership Development, Royal Bank of Scotland

Case Study



  • “Breads” hived off after change in Leadership and made into
    an independent profit center.

Primary Brief:

  • Convey the message “Sink or Swim”

Secondary Brief:
Cross-functional integration – Sales, Production, and Purchase, at the “People” and “Process” Level (Sales Head and Production Head were not on talking terms)
Intervention & Outcome

Intervention & Outcome:

  •  3-day experiential workshop targeting the functional leadership and their downlines.
  • Looking at the business as “Entrepreneurs” and not as functional heads in a corporate.
  • Cross-Functional People Integration
  • Value chain redesigned by cross-functional task teams, resulting in ‘faster time to market’ with consistent quality.


I used services of Anand and his team for team building for a business unit that I was handling. It was a diverse group of people we were trying to bring together in a newly formed business unit which was performing below its potential. The intervention really helped to get the team bind together. It was very helpful in getting everyone in the team to really strive hard and was instrumental in getting the business to turn around.

Videh Jaipuriar – Busniness Unit Head at Britannia ( Breads) – Currently Managing Director at Jubilant Industries Limited

Case Study

Multinational Bank / FI – IT

Primary Brief:

  • Facilitate solutions for “visibility” and “ recognition”
    issues for support functions (IT)

2 days residential workshop, using ‘experiential methodology’.
The 2 IT related entities merged and christened themselves as “ITO”

  • Through ‘Task Teams’ facilitated by Xperentia, solution
    driven presentations were made to the Business Head
  • Task Teams became “Project Teams” and took responsibility
    for executing, with milestones and review dates
  • Reviews conducted by Xperentia, along with management reps.


Xperentia conducted an off -site workshop aimed at resolving inter-department conflicts and reinforcing team work.
It was a unique experience that brought out best in team work. Right from adventure to business simulations, night navigation in a jungle on new moon night across animal tracks, rappling, etc.
Today 6 years later, many participants of that group still work in the same organisation but in different teams, but co-ordnation within is strong as ever.

Devasish Ghosh Director, Oversight of Operational Risk & Permanent Control, Chief of Internal Vigilance at BNP Paribas India