Xperentia Consulting (P) Ltd., is a Learning & Development organisation at the forefront of Experience Based Learning & Development in India, for the past 20 years. Our team consists of experienced Human Resource Development Professionals, Counselors & Subject Matter Experts from fields like Simulation design, Art, Theatre, Music and adventure.

Over the last two decades, clients like Aditya Birla Group, Mondelez – Cadbury, Unilever, Microsoft, BankAm – Merrill Lynch, RBS etc., have been asking us to design workshops using this transformational learning methodology for young people in their formative years, who are struggling to cope in this ever-changing environment.

We are pleased to launch InnerApps, a vertical dedicated to all aspects of youth development.

We live in testing times; the socio-economic environment that we live in today is complex and challenging. Machines and AI are rendering much of our present skills redundant. The popular and user friendly internet has made knowledge freely accessible, yet our education systems still focuses primarily on knowledge acquisition and skills that machines can do better and faster.

Adding to this are contemporary stressors like competition, peer pressure, substance abuse, bullying, body shaming, family issues etc., creating a complex milieu into which our children are born. They are expected to learn, grow and thrive in this environment. But are they equipped to do this?

We, at Xperentia, firmly believe that the need of the hour is an augmented approach to school education and it is this conviction that InnerApps was born, a dedicated vertical for youth development.

InnerApps Microworlds

We design and conduct microworld workshops that address challenges our youth face at various stages – from adolescence to adulthood (10 years to 18 years).

All our workshops leverage Experiential Learning – EL is based on ‘real’ experiences – actions lead to reflection and learning in a pragmatic manner.


When children play with their dolls, they rehearse ways of interacting with people. When they play with blocks, they teach themselves basic principles of spatial geometry and mechanics. Later in life, they will learn the general properties of the pendulum through swinging on a swing and all about levers through the playground see-saw. The doll, the swing and the see-saw are what educational theorists call transitional objects. The playroom or playground is a microworld, a microcosm of reality beyond play.

Microworlds are containers/learnings which compress time and space, so that it becomes possible to experiment and to learn when the consequences of our decisions/ actions can be easily examined, reviewed and improved.

Xperentia has created proprietorial microworlds – simulations and action learning activities that help in discovering solutions to the pulls and pressures that teenagers face today.

At InnerApps, we believe that meaningful learning and change in the youth must be supported and re-enforced at home; the reason why every Microworld Youth workshop is accompanied with clearly articulated objectives, learning outcomes and re-enforcement guidelines for parents to sustain and continue the learning process, post the workshops


Microworld workshops are primarily designed to address attitudes, skills and contemporary challenges faced by the youth



  • Self Worth
  • Positive Outlook
  • Value Sets
  • Breaking espoused limits


  • Self Development -Personal Vision, Leadership, Assertiveness, Motivation, Courage, Anger Management
  • Self-Discipline & Confidence- being responsible towards self, family and society, Importance of Routine/Practice
  •  Interpersonal Skills – Communication and Expression
  •  Mental Agility – Creative Retention, Lateral Thinking and Creative
    Problem Solving
  •  Managing Workloads – Prioritization, Planning, Managing Dependencies and Time

Contemporary Stressors:

  • Exam Pressure
  • Extreme Competition
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Body Shaming