The music challenge is about high energy, about celebrating, about having fun and about making an immediate impact.

It is a team learning event, focusing on all aspects of teamwork and cohesiveness.

Certain aspects of leading, like coaching/counseling, mentoring facilitative leadership are the main takeaways. This simulation teaches participants to work together by learning to play together. A varied selection of musical instruments is available, both conventional and unconventional!!


Various genres of music like Rock, Pop or A cappella can be used based on the profile of participants and objectives of the workshop.

It is also creating an enormous sense of achievement and touches on all the areas of team cohesion like stepping out of ‘comfort zone’, teamwork, synergy, delegation and high energy.

Process work post the simulation includes a 2 tier debrief.

Great for:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Coaching / counseling
  • Teamwork
  • Bonding
  • Fun!


Any city hotel across India with a large conference hall

About 4-8 hours.

Group Size:
20 to 60


Xperentia Consulting is now the Buzz word in training, soft skill management and Time management requirements. My Company immensely benefited from the exposure to this novel training concept. As their name says, it is learning from experiencing, be it outdoor activities or right into your office. I remember that they could make people who had not ever played music take part in a sort of band, all were totally involved. I would not hesitate to recommend Xperentia Consulting to any company which is serious in developing its employees.

Neville Kootar – Sr. Engine Performance Manager, TORM Maritime Manager Vessel Performance Monitoring at Anglo Eastern.