This three hour eXperential Innovation workshop pits leadership / functional teams in the ultimate tech build-off!!Teams race against each other to design & build functional robots, clean fuel amphibious vehicles and green generators from resources provided The challenge is to understand customer expectations and rapidly incorporate design changes on the run! Apart from sharp customer focus, this simulation is great for understanding what makes your team tic. A great precursor to any team conference theme focused on goal setting, generating beyond the obvious / out of the box solutions, team productivity, leadership alignment / customer focus, time to market issues etc…and need we say…a whole lot of fun!.

Great for:

  • Innovation
  • Riding Disruption
  • Goal Orientation
  • Generating beyond the obvious, out of the box ideas / solutions
  • Team Productivity
  • Customer focus
  • Time to market
  • Resilience
  • Presentation
  • Fun


Large conference hall with cluster seats for groups.

About 3hrs

Group Size:


“I was fortunate enough to attend a Team Building Workshop with Xperentia. The process of objective setting for the workshop (pre-work), the entire exercise and post workshop measures to gauge effectiveness were extremely fulfilling! It was a high octane workshop with simulations that drove the objectives of Team Building, Chasing one Goal, Interdependence being key and not independence! Highly recommended for all professional teams!"

Pankaj Vassal –Vice-President (West & East), Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (Big 92.7 FM)