The metro© gives you the chance to see and explore some major city. Versions of this challenge are already set up in metro cities of India and some South-East Asian cities.


The event begins at a pre-determined spot (usually a hotel or railway station). Following the briefing participants divide into teams, each team being equipped with a rucksack. Each rucksack contains an assortment of equipment and misc. items, for your use during the exercise.

Great for:

As well as seeing the city- often in a way in which even the locals have not experienced it before, this day is about spending time together on an equal basis. This is a very exciting day and one for team bonding far more that strategic team building. The emphasis here is very much on being competitive, having fun and learning to work with others.

This event works very well for an ‘away day’, a team bonding event or as the perfect foil to a business conference taking place in that city.


Any city hotel across India.

1 day

Group Size:


Last month, when we organized the Finance Offsite in Jodhpur, I was wondering how we could get the team to bond effectively within a short time frame. Xperentia provided the solution, and facilitated the team through a series of innovative outdoor activities, leading to some great teamwork, which was well appreciated by my entire team. I certainly look forward to working again with Xperentia in the near future.

Subir Biswas – Chief Financial Officer India , Royal Bank of Scotland RBS Asia Audit team.