The Quest © gives you the chance to see and explore the countryside in popular places. It can be set up anywhere in India or overseas in locations like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The quest will have you and your team navigating a preset course, without too many resources – You will be provided with a set of clues to start off with, but need to solve problems, locate landmarks and find information on your own. There will be challenging tasks to perform along the way, which earn your team points.

No private vehicles are allowed, and you will find yourself on the back of bullock carts, trucks or any other means of transport you could organize, within a very limited budget. This event works very well for an ‘away day’, a team bonding event or as the perfect foil to a business conference taking place in that city.

Great for:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Breaking espoused limits
  • Resource Management
  • Negotiation & Influencing
  • Team cohesion
  • Big picture perspective
  • Fun!

Any city across the globe.

6-8 hours.

Group Size:


Xperentia has driven team interventions both at Bloomberg TV and TimesPro. The unique design of the interventions lead to great involvement of the participants effectively drove learning propositions and brought great feedback from the participants. The workshops successfully created an environment where learning came as a part of the overall experience.

Meghna Puthawalan Head HR – WWM ET Edge (Times Group).