To assist associates in moving away from uni – dimensional to multi- dimensional thinking by creating a feeling of Inter-dependence and encouraging supportive behavior between all associates, thereby fostering experimentation and creative, collaborative problem solving.

The service project will set a target to the 10 teams to feed & clothe 1000 homeless and destitute / disadvantaged children (numbers may vary).


The teams with the help of resources provided are given 5 hours to execute. Marshalling resources, including time / money, men & materials, this ‘real time simulation’ gives participants a flavor of the pulls & pressures of contemporary corporate life.  Once the task is accomplished the teams re-group for the debrief.

Great for:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Sense of service
  • Teamwork
  • Bonding
  • Fun!


Any city hotel across India / office conference hall

1 day

Group Size:


Last month, when we organized the Finance Offsite in Jodhpur, I was wondering how we could get the team to bond effectively within a short time frame. Xperentia provided the solution, and facilitated the team through a series of innovative outdoor activities, leading to some great teamwork, which was well appreciated by my entire team. I certainly look forward to working again with Xperentia in the near future.

Subir Biswas – Chief Financial Officer India , Royal Bank of Scotland RBS Asia Audit team.