Reflect. Connect. Decide. Do


Teams are to put together a skit based of the brief given by the facilitator. The brief can be based on the objectives of the workshop. The teams are then given preparation time, during which they are required to learn the basics of production and assign roles for team members (Production / backstage / on stage etc.).

Teams will perform their magnum opus, followed by a de-brief and dialogue assisted by the experiential facilitator.

Great for:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Expression
  • Teamwork
  • Bonding
  • Fun!


Any city hotel across the globe. Large conference hall.

3-4 hours

Group Size:
20 to 60


Anand, a great HR person who was the main architect behind GEs team building events. He had the penchant to think “outside the box” and was always related training to day to day needs with an objective to make the trainee a BETTER person. His entrepreneurial spirit in his work finally paved way for this own venture and I had a great opportunity to work with Anand.

Samba Sivan – Head – South Asia, Deutsche Bank.