Building a doll can be tough if your manufacturing is spread across the country!.

“Doll Factory” is a business simulation which incorporates the challenges most diversified companies face today. This simulation is all about Murphy’s Law – What can go wrong, will go wrong!! i.e. Your most valuable resources can be taken away, your leader changed mid-way, power-cuts-you name it-and we throw it at you!!

Great for:

  • Communication
  • Unison
  • Teamwork
  • Delegation
  • Interdependence
  • Energy
  • Outside the comfort zone
  • Fun!


Any city hotel across India.

Space Required:

Large conference room or big canopy that can accommodate all Participants and enough “break out” areas (can be corners/sides of large room, but isolated areas are better) for each group plus one additional meeting area for Special Meetings. (Best will be to use about 3-4 adjoining rooms).

2-3 hours.

Group Size:
20 to 200


Manager- HR –Chicago Pneumatics - Atlas Copco
We first connected with Xperentia in 2014 to conduct a program on customer focus for service team. Team Xperentia's interactive intervention addressing challenges encountered by customers bought in a perspective change in the participants. The best part about Team Xperentia is that they spend time to understand the organization culture and then provide a customized intervention and not just a training program to deliver as per your needs. I wish the Team great success in coming years.

Pranati Raheja – Manager- HR –Chicago Pneumatics – Atlas Copco